I am using that Titan Subclass myself. It's not totaly useless, remember that sometimes enemies can rain hellfire on you, so you pop it up and save everyone. ALSO you can make the shield buff weapon damage or give people extra layer of shield when they pass trough it.

But yeah, the damage supers can be really good. I… » 9/18/14 5:24pm Today 5:24pm

Haha, speaking of Kojima trolling. My friend was watching as I was playing trough the Ground Zeroes. And after 30 mins I completed it. And he was:

"Wait... that's it?! And what is this?! ...here's to you... Makes me think that the ending cutscene would be Kojima rubbing your money on his chest while this plays on… » 9/18/14 6:01am Today 6:01am

I don't think they are. Well... atleast as much as people make them out to be. They also want to drive their own agenda, so they just use examples that fits their proof. Like Sarkeesian was doing this video and she showed how Agent 47 beated these two strippers up, like it was not up to player if they want to beat the… » 9/17/14 9:46am Yesterday 9:46am

The music is one of the things that stand out. Ofcourse down to personal peference. But I loved the rythmic beats of Doom, over the quiet and undisturbing melodies of most shooters. The soundtracks are made with care, obviously. But they... are just too monotone to break the mold and stand out most of the time.

Now… » 9/17/14 6:35am Yesterday 6:35am

I love the game. I have my gripes with it, but I really do enjoy it. This said I don't blame people for not liking it. It's ok, I hated Uncharted series and everyone thinks it's greatest juice ever poured out of Jesus ever. » 9/16/14 5:28pm Tuesday 5:28pm