Tried the Medal of Honor Warfighter again... Couldn't help myself but to get annoyed by the sheer volume of the "narrow-scripting" it has. I've really begun to hate the games that follow this tightly scripted path that you have basicaly no influence over to.

But for some reason Black Ops 2 didn't piss me off NEARLY as much as Warfighter did. Maybe they just know how to pace things and don't put too many "do this in 2 seconds or fail" parts in the game.

When these "do it in 2 seconds" things happen more organicaly in video games, it really doesn't piss you off as much. Because then you got full control of how to solve the sittulation. In games like Warfighter, it's usualy just one way to do things and if you cross the narrow path, it's game over.

Shooters need to go into direction of Far Cry 3, imo. I just love the shooters that don't have the invisible walls everywhere and you really can pick your fights in your own terms. Instead of having some guy yelling orders to you and dictating how you should react to things. Sure Far Cry 3 has pretty linear stuff in story missions... but again, it works just so much better in that game because of the tactics you can employ.

Medal of Honor Airborne. NOW there is a game they should have used as template for this new game. They only took the superb "peek and shoot" button from it (really one of the biggest innovations in 1st person shooters imo), but they should have also taken the "open" battlefields that game had.


But well, some people love these little "rat-labyrinths" and that's ok. They just aren't for me... unless well executed, which is rare.