Finished God of War: Ascencion.

As the review here on Kotaku said, the game gets much better after the snake's on the train. I really disliked the Snake temple at the start, I just didn't like the jumping bits being sucha reaction tests all the time.

Combat was fun, I think I died once in combat and loads of time because of mis-jump. I really like the new fury meter, it drives player to not get hit. Dodging and blocking enemy moves in this game feels a bit harder than in the previous titles, but that's fine, because it just adds to the challenge as the controls are prestine in this series. And the elemental powers were nice, I ended up using the Zeus lightning, because I loved the combos it made. Was rather satisfying element to use.

Puzzles in this game were other bit that I liked a lot. It's a shame most games don't have nice puzzles to solve, they really pace the games nicely. And the best part about the puzzles in this game was the fact that they didn't hold your hand once. The hint option just gave some general item clue, but that's about it. I liked that.

The later jumping sections were much better and generaly you didn't have to rush like you did in the start. That was good.


So overall I did like the game and had fun. I just wish they would do something else but adventures of Kratos next time. There's a potential in the old mythos. :)